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Mark Karlins

Mf your students like characters who can fly, build a ladder to the clouds or become friends with the world's most famous scientist, then consider a visit from Mark Karlins to your school or library. Mark shows students how to bring their writing to life, from finding ideas for a story to creating their own book with illustrations. He also shows drafts, dummy books and notes for his own books, to let students see the process of writing and to let them know that it usually takes many revisions before a book is finished. He likes working closely with students and enjoys answering their questions. Your strongest writers will go beyond themselves, and your less skilled students will surprise you (and perhaps themselves) with what they will accomplish.

"Great presentation! Your tone and delivery were perfect. Activities were simple and interesting. Children remained engaged throughout. Your respect for your young audience was evident. Thank you for sharing with our children."
— Teacher

"The interaction with the students was amazing! Your book also had a great message for our students: You can do anything you set your mind to. The book is inspirational. Well done!"

"What a clever story! Kids fully connect with it. And we loved that you encouraged thinking and the use of imagination."
— Teacher

"On a scale of from one to ten, I would give your book a 10,000."
— Kyle, age seven


Presentations generally last from 45-50 minutes. Ten minutes are needed between sessions. Mark can do up to five presentations per school day. Larger schools can schedule more than one day, or two smaller schools in the same area can split the day between them. The school library or a large classroom serves as the best setting rather than an auditorium or gymnasium.


In addition to his popular basic writing workshop, Mark offers the following special workshops:

The Poetry Circus — fun exploration of writing poetry through a variety of innovative games.

The Wondrous Journey of Odysseus — using characters and stories from myth, students go on their own mythic journeys, learning both about myth and how their own lives can take on a heroic cast.

Albert Einstein Goes Wild — Based on his most recent book, Starring Lorenzo — And Einstein Too, this workshop turns each of your students into an inventive, crazy haired scientist. We will explore elementary science, do a brief, fun (and safe!) experiment and write a story which uses science and scientists. Einstein, Galileo, DaVinci and his wacky flying machine, and others may become part of your student's story.

Of course, Mark is always available simply to read his work and answer questions.

Fees are available upon request. Please email Mark at karlinsmark@gmail.com with questions about availability and fees.

Quotation from Starring Lorenzo

Illustrations by Sandy Nichols