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Mark Karlins

Do you like stories? Do you make up your own sometimes?

Here are some ideas to try.
Salmon Moon
Illustration by Hans Poppelspacer

1 Lorenzo, in Starring Lorenzo — and Einstein Too, is a very bright boy who likes to invent things. Can you think of an invention, the crazier the better? Could your invention cause some problems? What would your parents, teachers or friends think about it? Write a story about someone who makes an invention and show how it changes things.
2 In Mendel's Ladder, Mendel builds a ladder up to the clouds. Think of some unusual place it would be fun to go to and find some wacky way to get there.
3 In Salmon Moon, Sarah rescues a fish. Kids can be rescuers in other situations too. Sometimes we hear about problems in the world. Make up a story in which kids solve a problem with the environment or an endangered species. Is there an exciting moment which seems magical?
(Note to parents: If your child is too young to write down his or her story, try having him dictate it to you. It's a great way to get very young children excited about writing. You can even make your child's story into a book with illustrations.)